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$ 999.00 CAD

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Saturday June 3, 2023 9 a.m.

Sun, June 4, 2023 4:30 PM EST

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** Jumps to 1500.00 per couple as of May 1, 2023******

This 2 day couples retreat that features amazing food, take home materials and exercises that will improve your communication and love life.

WARNING- This is NOT a CUDDLY, SMOOSHY, GOOEY kind of retreat. YOU WILL be getting to the heart of what you both do to cause hurt and harm in your relationship. YOU WILL BE EXAMINING your dysfunctional traits. YOU WILL be using RAW HONESTY, to learn how to give and receive complaints. AND YOU WILL BE BREAKING NO LONGER NEEDED STUCK PATTERNS of communication, so that your bring life and love back to your relationship.

This really is a game changer!!!

About this event

THE COUPLES CLINIC® has worked with over a thousand couples helping them to enhance their communication, deepen their attachment, and build REAL SKILLS to help them HEAL their relationship!

Rather than going through hours and hours of weekly therapy sessions, we have COMBINED all our teachings into one POWER HOUSE weekend.

This 2 Day Retreat Focuses on everything you would learn in session, plus amazing food, opportunities to practice newly learned skills, and changing your relationship by breaking old dysfunctional patterns.

(Bonus- you can use your health benefits from work to pay for it! Call us at 519-541-9173 and we can assist you with this)


-What makes and breaks attachment

-How to recognize 3 alarm bells behaviors that will signal your need to attend to your partner.

-How to attend to your partner when they are struggling.

-Understand how your past attachments in childhood may impact your present-day attachment.

-Exercises for you each to learn how to start communicating complaints.

-How to recognize your conflict style.

-How to get out of fight or flight when you are in conflict.

-Understand how to help your partner from withdrawing during conflict.

-Gain skills to stop feeling “nagged” or “pursued” by your partner.

-Exercises that will help you practice learning to stay calm during an argument- and the best way to stop an argument from escalating into an explosion.

-How to recognize and combat dysfunctional behaviors.

-Gain insight to the 4 communication behaviors that end relationships.

-Identify trigger words and learn positive communication techniques.

-Opportunities to practice making complaints, hearing them, and responding to them.

-Learn how to create compromise through 4 easy steps.

-Practice negotiating your first compromise.

-Explore how to listen, validate and trust one another.

-Recognize each other’s love language, and how each person best gives and receives love.

-Understand what creates resentment.

-Learn how to release resentment to move towards unconditional love and forgiveness.

-Learn how to break negative mental health patterns that destroy our relationships

-Will include breakaway sessions where you and partner can practice what you are learning.



  • Take home toolkit booklet with exercises that you and your partner will complete together.
  • 4 ready made dates for you to continue your growth after the retreat.
  • A list of 12 dates that you complete together that focuses on both fun, and function.
  • A completed list of individual and TEAM US goals to promote growth over the next 2 years.
  • A Scorching Hot Monogamy Exercise to learn your wants and needs in the bedroom.
  • Take home assignments so that you can continue the journey.


  • Continental breakfast each day for both of you.
  • Chef Vanessa from @callthechef will be teaching us and getting us to make a gourmet lunch together!
  • Mid afternoon snacks.
  • Surprise treats!

*Dinner and accommodations is on your own and we encourage you take advantage of one of Sarnia's many restaurants and hotels- we will provide a list!*

* We welcome all forms of couples- married, separated, divorced, dating, same sex, and blended family *

Health Benefits

Do you have coverage for counselling through your work? We can provide you with insurance receipts to cover 80% of the cost of your retreat. As this is psychotherapeutic retreat, it can be partially covered through your insurance. For more information, please call our office at 519-541-9173 as each insurance provider is different, and we will be happy to answer your questions and walk you through how to get the most out of your work benefits!!


Ronnie Littlewood is the CEO of The Couples Clinic and Founder of 1 Million Marriages Saved. She is a Registered Social Worker/ Clinical Psychotherapist, and has been working in the helping field for the last twenty five years . She has worked with thousands of couples.

Growing up, Ronnie had a different start in life, than most. She had lived in multiple blended families, in multiple different provinces and attended over eighteen schools as a child. Because of this, she was always fascinated with love; what makes it and what breaks it.

As a result, she spent the vast majority of her career learning and trying to understand attachment and love. Whether her work was in the field of adoption, abuse investigations, reunification, or helping couples and families recover from the trauma of abuse, mental health, or addictions, Ronnie has always known her calling in life was to help others learn how to love one another, and most important… love themselves.

She has been trained in the PREP Method (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) and has completed graduate training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. Recently she has completed Level’s 1 and 2 of The Gottman Method (Dr. Gottman is the world’s leading researcher in marriage therapy.) She has is also received training and is an Approved Clinical Supervisor through ACT (Advanced Counselor Training).

Ronnie brings a refreshing, straightforward and sensitive approach to working with couples. She is known for her humor, ability to work with intuitive energy, and occasionally (tee hee) her salty language.

Her life’s goal and dream is to help #1millionmarriages

Sarnia Area Hotels and Attractions

Sarnia is located on beautiful Lake Huron, with clean beaches, casino, racetrack, and gorgeous parks. Below is a list of all our wonderful attractions as well as hotels where you can book your stay.

Sarnia Hotels

Quality Inn

The Insignia by Marriot

Bestwestern Plus

Hampton Inn

Local Attractions

Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery

Stones N Bones

Wawanosh Wetlands

Canatara Beach and Park

Germain Park

The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

Seaway Kiwanis Children’s Animal Farm

Starlight Casino

Hiawatha Horse Park and Driving Range

Live Music


Refined Fool Brewing Company - Little Fool

Refined Fool Brewing Company - Big Fool

Two Amigos

Twisted Arm

Paddy Flaherty’s


Fall Retreat- September 16, 17th, 2023

Winter Retreat- November 25th & 26th, 2023

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