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Small talk can change everything.
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Is your relationship struggling, or do you feel disconnected or lost?

Do you find that you avoid one another, or worse, end up in huge arguments?

The goal of couples therapy is to help the couple find their way back to each other and to grow. Anger, hurt, resentment, withdrawal and contempt can damage relationships, and if not dealt with, often ends them.

Topics such as trust, intimacy, extended family, money and infidelity can cause huge struggles in relationships. Even when couples have been together for years, they can still have difficulty navigating these issues.

Our goal at The Couples Clinic is to be a safe, confidential spot where couples can engage in the healing process, and can work towards defining new goals in their relationship. Our focus is to look at what is happening in the relationship now? How is it affecting both partners? And what steps do we need to take to foster change?

Our psychotherapists are warm and compassionate and specialize in helping people resolve these issues. We teach evidenced based skills that can help with conflict resolution, stress management, and learning how to set stable boundaries.

We can help couples feel closer, more intimate, and more team oriented. You have invested so much in your life with one another. This is an opportunity to dig down, and strengthen your investment.

The Couples Clinic Program

Session 1 Attachment

What makes and breaks attachment.

How to recognize 3 alarm bells behaviors that will signal your need to attend to your partner.

How to attend to your partner when they are struggling.

Understand how your past attachments in childhood may impact your present-day attachment.

Exercises for you each to learn how to start communicating complaints.

Plus a bonus date night activity to support your learning.

Session 2 What is your Conflict Pattern

How to recognize your conflict style.

How to get out of fight or flight when you are in conflict.

Understand how to help your partner from withdrawing during conflict.

Gain skills to stop feeling “nagged” or “pursued” by your partner.

Exercises that will help you practice learning to stay calm during an argument- and the best way to stop an argument from escalating into an explosion.

Plus a bonus date night activity to support your learning.

Session 3 Toxic Communication, Complaints and Compromise

How to recognize and combat dysfunctional behaviors.

Gain insight to the 4 communication behaviors that end relationships.

Identify trigger words and learn positive communication techniques.

Practice making complaints.

Learn how to create compromise through 4 easy steps.

Practice negotiating your first compromise.

Plus a bonus date night to support your continued learning.

Session 4 Love, Respect, Resentment and Forgiveness

Women will learn what the biggest value for Men is, and how best to give it to him.

Men will learn what the biggest value for women is  and how to give it to her in a way that she feels it.

Explore how to listen, validate, and trust one another.

Recognize each other’s love language, and how each person best gives and receives love.

Understand what creates resentment.

Learn how to release resentment to move towards unconditional love and forgiveness.

Plus a bonus date night to support your continued learning.

Session 5 Balloons and Anchors

Couples gain an understanding of what makes them different, and what attracts them to each other.

Learn what you most value in a relationship- work or pleasure, and how this compliments or conflicts with your partner.

You will engage in an exercise where you create 12 dates (one for each month) where both of you have to compromise on activities you both want.

Time is allotted to work on your personal growth area.

Session 6 Scorching Hot Monogamy

Gain insight into the importance of Talk and Time with Touch.

Understand what spice level your relationship is at, and where you want it to be.

Practice talking in a safe environment and what you want to work on and what can bring change.

Create communication around initiation, and how to deal with rejection and compromise.

Receive our 80-question spicy assignment to take home and act as an Adventure List in Scorching Hot Monogamy.

We make this conversation, fun, education, informative and not in any way icky or uncomfortable.

Time is allotted to work on your personal growth area.

Session 7 Expectations & Values

Gain a deeper understanding of how our personal anxious thoughts, or self-blaming thoughts, can  harm our relationship.

Using a basis of cognitive behavior therapy, clients can examine how irrational thoughts can keep them stuck in conflict cycles, and how to change them.

We also can look at values (whether it’s one person values money, and one person values touch.)  And how we can begin to understand how we can fill our partner’s cup.

A deeper understanding of the individual filling their own cup, learning how to self-regulate and dealing with their own Sick, Scared, and Hurt.

Time is allotted to work on your personal growth area.

Session 8 Team Us and moving forward.

Creating a shared life, shared goals, and shared dreams.

Helping the couple to look at all areas of their life they want to grow which can include- social, health, financial, personal development, family, relationship and spiritual.

Included is a take home exercise that challenges the couple on all areas of their lives they want to change including examples like how they spend holidays and cultural events, to how they handle the mundane day to day routines like eating dinner and bedtime.  This exercise can be the jumping off point to entire new growth spurt.!


We create a safe, confidential space where couples can learn how to communicate during their disagreements. (And we don’t take sides.)

We educate clients using humorous 5-minute educational videos. (They are actually cartoons, and they are awesome!)

Each couple has opportunities to complete exercises in class and practice new skills.

We provide both partners with our Take Home Tool Kit which is jammed pack with resources, handouts, and exercises that you can keep. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring back assignments. There are no grades.We also include an EMERGENCY RED ENVELOPE - Open only when there has been a huge fight.

Finally, we focus on the issues you want to focus on, whether it’s about your intimacy, in-laws’, parenting, or finances. Our Foundations package will give you the tools to be able to communicate around those more sensitive topics.

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The Couples Clinic offers counselling in Sarnia- Lambton for couples who are looking to improve their relationship and individuals who are looking for support with an issue they are struggling with.