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Small talk can change everything.
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It may have started with some unusual signs.  Or a gut feeling that something is…. “off.”  

Your partner may have been acting defensive, secretive, or moody.

They have gotten ‘weird’ about their phone, or their passwords. Or they may be going out a lot.

Or maybe people are talking and telling you things about your partner.

And perhaps that caused you to start going through their things, their Facebook, their text messages.

And suddenly you discover the truth. They have been unfaithful.

Infidelity is a trauma.  And can create hurt, anger and feelings of devastating betrayal.  You may feel like running. You may feel like clinging for your life. And you probably feel so hurt and unstable, you don’t know what to believe.

First, I would like to offer you words of Hope.

Infidelity can be the WORST AND BEST THING.  It’s the WORST, because nothing has ever hurt you as bad as this.   It can be the BEST, because if both partners are really serious about saving this relationship, they can get REAL, AND HONEST, AND finally MAKE CHANGES, about what isn’t working, and what they need to do better.

At The Couples Clinic, we routinely work with couples where infidelity has occurred.

Whether it’s:

  • Texting another person
  • Having an emotional affair.
  • Having a sexual affair.
  • Reaching out to sex workers
  • Having confusing feels about another person.

We work with couples to become RAW HONEST. This means providing transparency and starting to build back trust.  We work through issues of resentment and in time, forgiveness. We learn how to communicate, and we gain an understanding of how and where it went so wrong.  

We know there is pain for both of you when this happens.

Don’t lose hope. There is help.  This could be your game changer. Contact us

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